Smoke In Moonlight by Heather R. Blair

Title: Smoke In Moonlight
Heather R. Blair
Celtic Elementals – #1
Paranormal Romance
Release date: June 10, 2014


The misty green land of Solace ‘Lacey’ Ryan’s secret dreams. Lately, those dreams have taken on a dark and tantalizing twist. But that won’t stop her from finally going there herself. What—and who—she finds there will change her life, or end it entirely.

Ronan Fitzpatrick is a man both blessed and cursed. Blessed with a loving and close-knit family and cursed with a burden no man should have to bear. For centuries out of mind, Ronan has been faoladh, the werewolf. The only dark warrior of Lugh the Long Hand, Ronan fights on the side of light, but lives with a darkness threatening to swallow him whole. Only his family keeps him from crossing over and he would do anything to protect them.


When his dreams show him an American woman, a woman who can shift the balance within him and in doing so, destroy everything he holds dear, Ronan knows what he must do. Even if it means killing an innocent, he won’t hesitate. He mustn’t, or everything he knows will transform… like SMOKE IN MOONLIGHT.

A book seeped in Celtic and pagan mythology, teeming with shifters, demons, gods and even a vampire, SMOKE IN MOONLIGHT will rip open your imagination to the possibility of other worlds, worlds that will continue to be explored in BLOOD in FIRE (out now!) and LIGHTNING in SEA (coming in 2015).

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Half-FullStar-Empty
Reviewer: Kat

Lacey’s lifelong dream is to visit Ireland and when she did, things did not go according to plan. Disaster strikes but she found haven within the Fitzpatrick household. Just when things are looking up for her, the eldest child of the Fitzpatrick family comes in and shows his disdain openly for her presence in his life.

Ronan’s been dreaming about Lacey for a while and when she showed up on the doorstep of his family’s home, he was overwhelmed with two emotions: hatred because she was somehow involved with the goddess who cursed him and captivated by her seemingly innocence and natural beauty.

What is her supposed role in his life? Will she be the cause for what seemed to be his demise? Will she be the “key” or the “cure” for his curse?

Lacey is a very likable character; quick-witted and at first appeared to be a potential Mary Sure BUT I was surprised and pleased when she stood up to Ronan at the second confrontation. And as for Ronan? Gotta love it when he spoke in Irish when he’s pissed or something. He was a total asshole at first but within reason.

Plot is a bit scattered in the first half. I’m not sure about the accuracy with my knowledge so little of the Celtic/Pagan mythology but the author was clever with it. There is a bit of action going on and even a suspenseful mood that could capture a reader’s keen attention.

I’m not one to bother with technicalities of a book usually, but it could seriously use another round (or two or even three; from what I understand, editing is a grueling process) of editing–particularly the format, and there were a few words that seemed to be having no business in the paragraph.

There is an inconsistency with the way the characters spoke to each other, particularly Aine, the goddess of moonlight, did not speak like a goddess at times. I’m not sure if it’s intention or not but in my humble opinion, I don’t think gods or goddesses would “bitch” be part of their vocabulary.

I am very curious to know what happened after the events at the end of the book. It seemed BOOK 2 is in order. I wouldn’t want to miss that.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

Heather R. Blair wrote her first book in the first grade and hasn’t stopped since. Back then it all about horses, now it’s pretty much the dark, sexy and shivery.

She lives in the frozen north of Minnesota, near that big gorgeous lake called Superior and enjoys hiking when the snow melts. She also does murals, rides herd on four monsters (otherwise known as children, ages 7-17), is slightly obsessed with Martin Freeman, British television and things that go bump in the night.

She loves reading (duh!) and interacting with other bibliophiles and authors.

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