Blood in Fire by Heather R. Blair

Title: Blood in Fire
Heather R. Blair
Celtic Elementals – #2
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Release date: November 20, 2014

23491239Aidan O’Neill is dangerous. No, make that deadly. A vampire prince who turned his back on his throne, enraging his king and marking himself for death.


The only thing Aidan dreams about anymore is seeing the sun again. After all, it has been over 1100 years. When his best friend stumbles across a secret potion than can grant his wish, Aidan can’t resist stealing it. What happens after may change the world forever.

Heather Kantos is a world-famous model who hides a darkness deep inside her, a darkness she fights every day. A darkness she shares with no one.

Until him.

When Aidan and Heather come together, a volatile chain of events begin that will take them all the way from Istanbul to Ireland, from his past to her future, from darkness to light and back again. Can two people who have sworn off love make their way to each other despite a vicious demon bent on revenge, a bloodthirsty psychopath who would do anything to fullfill his greatest wish and an obsessive goddess of death who can’t let go of the man she has loved for more than a millenium?

Or could it be that the fear in their own hearts will be the greatest enemy in the end?

Aidan and Heather will only get one shot, before it all just burns away like…. Blood in Fire.

This book contains a high level of sensuality,some language, and graphic violence, including scenes of torture that might disturb some readers.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Kat


Just wow!

I’m a “newbie” to the paranormal romance scene (despite reading about a hundred books – give or take), but I know Heather R. Blair is someone you have to watch out for! I was totally blown away by this book! I read this book prior to the release as a beta-reader but reading the finished product had me really going – in a good way, if not the best way!

Aidan O’Neill met Heather Kantos in a bar in Istanbul. What was supposed to be a one night stand turned into three nights. He leaves in the dead of the night. When she thought that that was the last she’d seen of him, their paths cross once again, in Ireland this time.

The author’s research on Celtic Mythology is extensive and her worldbuilding is impressive. The characters were 3D, coming right off the pages! The buildup of Aidan and Heather’s impassioned relationship – steamy and emotionally intense. It was also great to see Lacey and Ronan from the previous book in this series. The plot? Clever. Dark. Thrilling. Just the way I like them.

This is the second book in the Celtic Elementals series but it can be read as a standalone. However, for full enjoyment of the book, read the first book in the series: Smoke in Moonlight, since the main characters of that book have somewhat major roles in this book.

About this author

Heather R. Blair wrote her first book in the first grade and hasn’t stopped since. Back then it all about horses, now it’s pretty much the dark, sexy and shivery.

She lives in the frozen north of Minnesota, near that big gorgeous lake called Superior and enjoys hiking when the snow melts. She also does murals, rides herd on four monsters (otherwise known as children, ages 7-17), is slightly obsessed with Martin Freeman, British television and things that go bump in the night.

She loves reading (duh!) and interacting with other bibliophiles and authors.

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