Dreams by Savannah Morgan

Title: Dreams
Savannah Morgan
Sapphire Springs – #1
Romantic Suspense
Release date: November 15, 2013

20818679For years Devin Blackthorn has prided himself on being an honorable man. He stepped in to take care of Kylie James when his younger half-brother, Allen, abandoned her when she was nine months pregnant. He has spent eleven years taking care of Kylie and Jamie, her son, as if they were his own. He never asked for anything in return and he never allowed his dominant sexual feelings for Kylie show, always maintaining a safe distance from the much younger woman. Devin has been tortured by erotic dreams of Kylie for years, at his limit Devin is ready to admit he wants her for himself. But when secrets from Kylie’s past threaten her and Jamie, Devin’s real feelings come out and he can do no less than protect the woman he loves and the son of his heart.

Kylie James has made mistakes in her life but her son is not one of them. For eleven years she has kept the secret of Allen’s betrayal and remained quiet of his crimes. But when Allen returns making demands, Kylie is afraid he is up to his old ways once again. To stop Allen from destroying her son, Kylie must confront her past and reveal the secrets she has kept from everyone. Will the truth destroy the love she has found in Devin’s arms? How can she possibly protect her son from a monster who never wanted him to be born? And how can she keep the past from destroying all her dreams for the future?

When Devin learns Allen has targeted Kylie and Jamie once again he must put all his resources into protecting them, even if it means destroying his brother to do it. Can Devin protect everything he holds dear or will Allen get his greatest wish, destroying Devin and Kylie and the child he blames for the ruin of all his dreams?

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-EmptyStar-Empty
Reviewer: Veronica

This isn’t my usual fare of reading. I’m more of a paranormal junkie so that probably influenced my enjoyment of this book. For the first part of the book, I wasn’t feeling it. It started off slow, and stayed too long inside the main characters heads. They went back and forth about how much they wanted each other, but why it wouldn’t work. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes a bit, and wanted to smack both of them upside the head. How the other townsfolk didn’t slap them, I have no idea since it would see there were bets placed on their relationship or lack thereof. Guess everyone knew how hot they were for each other except Devin and Kylie.

I’m not sure how I felt about Devin. On one hand, he was super sweet and attentive. On the other hand, way too possessive and dominating. But hey, Kylie loved it, so who am I to disagree? Kylie kind of irked me. She was so damn wishy-washy. I get that she didn’t want to dredge up bad memories, and hoped Allen would just disappear, however, she kept going back and forth about telling Devin everything. One minute she was on board with it all, the other minute, she couldn’t possibly tell him. Damn glad to see her finally grow a backbone, though.

There was a fair bit of angst and not enough action for my tastes. Again, it’s the type of book I’m used to. The sex… um, wow! I’m surprised my kindle didn’t catch fire because it was scorching. My eyebrows raised quite a few times. If Ms. Morgan wrote only erotica, I’d be standing in line to read that.

The middle part of the book had quite a bit of action, and I was glued to my kindle. My poor kid only had half my attention while we played Minecraft. Okay, I lied, he had like maybe an eighth of my attention. 😉

Overall, there was enough to make me curious for the next book.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

I currently live in Central Mississippi, USA with my Hubby and my two dogs. I’m a studier of human nature and cultures. My house is the place where all the strays and lost animals come to for shelter and safety. I have a crazy little Wild Kingdom here. We have a multi-generation family of toads that have taken up residence in an old dog crate I keep on my carport. We have another multi-generation family of lizards that live in the tree at the corner of where the carport and the driveway meet. I have stray cats, dogs, and even an aardvark that comes to visit, rarely but he has visited and scared the Holy crap out of me when he does. It truly is Savvy’s Wacky Wild Kingdom here.

On a personal notes, I like Cool Drinks, Hot men and Hotter Books. I write Adult Contemporary Romances and Suspense/Adventure Romances. You might be asking what the difference is between ACR and Erotica. Well my books have a lot of story, in-depth character research and development, (I’ve made up entire family trees for my characters, career bios, birthdays, etc…) along with a lot of hot, steamy, sexy lovin’ between the lead couples. Mine books are the type you want to snuggle down with a blanket and/or a fire, a glass of wine and put the do not disturb sign up so you can allow yourself to be completely immersed in the characters lives.

I am also the type of writer who loves hearing from my readers. I will answer nearly every question asked, I will hang out with you for hours just chatting about life, books, or whatever (as long as I’m not editing or writing at the time and I’ll still pop on and let you know that’s what has me so quiet).

So stop on by, give me a shout, ask me a question and submerge yourself in Sapphire Springs and what is happening there, or in the fall of 2015 you’ll be able to go on adventure with the Deadly Flowers and show how girls can kick butt too, we just do it with more style and lipstick.

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