Phoenix Fallen by Heather R. Blair

Title: Phoenix Fallen
Heather R. Blair
Phoenix, Inc. – #2
Paranormal Romance
Release date: March 3, 2015

25529538He didn’t ask to be a vampire, but what’s done is done.

That’s what he tries to tell himself. But how do you face becoming that which you have always loathed?

Jules Gentry is back home in Chicago, but nothing is the same. He’s running his company, Phoenix Inc., for the first time without his long-time best friend and partner. Kelsey is still in Paris with her lover, Miles Rosseau, the vampire who turned them both on a horrifying night when everything fell apart for Jules.

Phoenix Inc. has always grounded him. The foundation supports and enpowers the gifted para community, giving them a positive outlet for their myriad psychic powers. Kelsey was the face of Phoenix, while Jules stayed in the background, by his own choice. Now, even Phoenix can’t help him find his center. Being shoved into the limelight while still trying to come to grips with what he has become is tearing him apart.

Clarissa Styles is a vampire and she loves it. The immortality, the power, the lifestyle. She loves it all. There was a time when things were very different, but Rissa likes to keep the past in the past. That was then, this is now.

And her now is Chicago, a city she is finding delicious in so many ways. Especially when he walks into the blues lounge where she is singing. Jules intrigues her. Who is this big tantalizing man so at war with himself?

Rissa’s lush voice soothes Jules in a way nothing else can. The woman herself irritates the hell out of him, but he can’t stay away from her. That’s when things get dangerous.

The leader of Rissa’s vicious old coven comes to the Windy City, bringing with him blood and death and terror, along with the past. Can they face it together or will they rip each other apart in the flames?

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Veronica

Heather R. Blair took me on a wild ride, one that I didn’t want to get off. First, there was Jules. Poor effed up Jules. Previous book has his life taking a turn he didn’t one, when where he involuntarily gave up sunshine. In order to save his life, he was turned into a vampire. He was pissed off and bitter about it, too. Feeding on the dregs of society, baring staying alive. And then he met her.

Ah, Rissa. What a great heroine. You really got to understand her, her past and her fears. And that vampire had something horrible to fear. What, I won’t tell. No spoilers here. 😉 When Rissa and Jules met, the sparks fly. Damn, I love these two together.

Sadly, not everything is roses and moonlight for these vampires. The past, both of their pasts, caught up to them in a horrifying way. My heart broke for these two and some tears were shed.

Suffice to say, read the book! You’ll be glad you did. Now excuse me while I count off the days until I get to read Phoenix Broken, the next book in the series.

Excuse me for a moment while I fangirl. Holy crap, this book was effing amazing! My breath was held for the last half as I waited for the shoe to drop and did it ever.

About this author

Heather R. Blair wrote her first book in the first grade and hasn’t stopped since. Back then it all about horses, now it’s pretty much the dark, sexy and shivery.

She lives in the frozen north of Minnesota, near that big gorgeous lake called Superior and enjoys hiking when the snow melts. She also does murals, rides herd on four monsters (otherwise known as children, ages 7-17), is slightly obsessed with Martin Freeman, British television and things that go bump in the night.

She loves reading (duh!) and interacting with other bibliophiles and authors.

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