Provocation: A Lesson In Trust by Sarah Brocious

Title: Provocation: A Lesson In Trust
Sarah Brocious

Contemporary Romance, Heartwarming Romance
Release date: June 27, 2014

25770234Grace was quiet… sweet… a seemingly gentle flower. Boy did she have everyone fooled. Inside the petite lovely figure was a force to be reckoned with. Her quiet strength was just what Ryker Jensen needed. His seemingly narcissistic behavior melts with her humble presence in his life.

And secrets left under wrap… reappear.

Provocation is an action that demands a reaction, and Grace is full of it. Is she ready for the reaction she invokes in Ryker?

“Provocation” is a story of new love and emotional reckoning, a push and pull of trust and hope.

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Reviewer: Kat

Whenever I’m in a mood to read something fluffy and romantic and charming, I look to Sarah Brocious.

I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂

There are days when you just want to get cozy in a couch with a drink in hand and an uncomplicated love story to unwind. Today was that day. How quickly the characters wove into my heart – Grace, Ryker, Alma, and Peter. Grace and Ryker’s ‘courtship’ was slow in building, which I absolutely appreciated, and when they finally came together, it was gentle and sweet which is what this author is known for.

About this author

Sarah Brocious was born February 27th 1978 into a steadily growing family. She is one of eight siblings. Growing up in a “crowded” home gave her a great need to slip away for some time alone. In those times she chose to read or write…even at a very young age. From the time she could put sentences together, she found no greater joy than creating stories. This desire continued to grow but as does often happen…life got in the way. Her love for writing did not diminish. It was pushed aside for a time. Now in her thirties she has decided to put her “need to” aside and give into the “want to” So far there are three books to her name; “More than Scars”, “Provocation” and a first in a series “The Awakening” (Wake Up series) There is much she wants to share in the future… so this is just the beginning!

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