Love of a Lioness by Sawyer Belle

Title: Love of a Lioness
Sawyer Belle

Historical Romance
Release date: January 18, 2014

20574938The Hundred Years’ War has begun…

She roams the English Channel, striking from the shadows like a wraith, and the entire French navy is at risk. The Lioness is thirsty for the blood of her enemy: a traitorous knight responsible for the fall of a noble house in Brittany. As she captains her infamous Black Fleet in pursuit of revenge, a war rages within her own heart, for the piratess is the author of a great deception. She has rallied a king and a strong crew to her cause and captured the loyal heart of a hero. Is vengeance worth losing what she sees in his eyes and what she’s found in his arms?

The moment she awoke under his protection he felt drawn to her in a way he could not trust or resist. She was deadly and dangerously beautiful, but she needed his sword. She lured him to the sea like a siren, and he vowed to protect her at all costs. When the truth comes to light in a sea of blood and lust, he is pinned between his love and his king. The knight’s vow is put to the test, and he must make a sacrifice. He must decide whether his honor and courage can withstand all that is required to claim the Love of a Lioness.

From the court of England’s king to the forests of France, they craft a danger greater than they could have known and bury their brothers where legends are made.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Kat

Set in the 1300s, young Isabeau de Ardres is driven by revenge to find the man who betrayed her father and his men that ended in their execution by the hand of King Philip of France. During the ambush, she finds herself in the arms of the knight, Guy Dampierre, on the way to England and there she was presented to the King Edward of England.

Mistaken for Lord Clisson’s Joan, she assumes the facade and asks a favor from King Edward which he approved – 2 ships painted black and a crew of a hundred men dressed also in black. While training the men for her crew, Guy and Isabeau starts an affair. When the ships and the men were ready to sail, Guy decides to go with them to the seas much to Isabeau’s surprise–and delight (wink). Soon, they sail the seas as pirates for the very purpose of hunting Antoine Beauchart.

I have to be honest that I totally didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did. As soon as I started, I literally couldn’t stop reading. I went on for about four and a half hours straight until I reached the very last page, yet even then I wanted more. I’m regretting that I didn’t read this as soon as I got it during a freebie promo.

The author weaved such wonderful characters, no lie! Each one of them were well drawn, but of course, most especially Isabeau and Guy. They are both strong individuals that complimented each other perfectly and I loved them together so much that I want to start their own fandom.

Most historical romance novels have a certain theme to the main characters’ love story, but that isn’t the case here. This is a very refreshing twist to historical romance, not only features romance, but action and adventure, as well!

Sawyer Belle is someone to watch out for historical romance fans out there. I guarantee that this novel is an absolute gem and you simply must read it!

About this author

I’m a Las Vegas native who enjoys the travels and turbulence of a good story. I love history and I love having an intense love to cheer for and that is what I try to offer my readers: an adventure of heart and history.

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