Silver Nights With You by Sawyer Belle

Title: Silver Nights With You
Sawyer Belle
 Love in the Sierras – #1
Western Historical Romance
Release date: August 30, 2014

24765096The town was lawless, the people rough, and nothing west of the Missouri River set the wagon wheels spinning like the glitter of silver and gold. When Lila Cameron stepped off the bullet-riddled stage coach in Gold Hill, NV life never looked so bleak. That is, until her father announced that they would be staying. She took on her new life with pluck, wading through a sea of sin and everything that ever made the west wild, and just when she felt in control, she found herself targeted by three men. One who wanted to wed her. One who wanted to bed her. And one who wanted her dead.

Morgan Kelly wanted a wife and a peaceful life in the shadows of the Sierras. When the young debutante from the east coast swept into his town, he fell instantly. But she made it clear that her affection lie elsewhere and he did his best to let her go. Fate and the devious intentions of other men pushed them together, and there was no going back for either of their hearts. But the way forward was filled with danger.

Against the backdrop of the greatest silver boom in the history of America, Morgan and Lila fight through the perils of early mining, western justice and the fear of hope.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Kat

Shortly after her mother’s death, Lila Cameron and her father leaves their safe and cozy town for the wild, wild west. While traveling, they were accosted by robbers, but Lila was no flimsy little miss, she takes her pistol and fires at the robbers. But she couldn’t take them all on her own. Thankfully, a handsome man named David comes to their rescue.

He brings them to the mining town where he stayed and was introduced to the Kellys – Val, and his older brother, the quiet, yet intense Morgan, whom she was immediately drawn to.

All Morgan Kelly wanted was to settle down in a ranch and with a wife. Now that he’d acquired wealth to set aside to buy the ranch he wanted, all he needed was a wife, and he had his eyes on the new-to-town, young and lovely Lila Cameron.

Sawyer Belle does it again! I’ve been dazzled by her other novel, Love of a Lioness, so I looked forward to reading this one. I KNEW that she wouldn’t disappoint. Granted that those two novels are very different from each other. She is a very excellent writer/storyteller and if you’d read any of her books, even just one (like me), you would know what I’m saying. She has a way of writing a story that captures your veritable attention.

In this novel, you can certainly feel the author’s passion for Nevada, from what I understand, is her home city too. It is what stood out most to me and I believe that is what makes her a marvelous writer–passion.

Much to be said for the Lila & Morgan romance. It’s the right amount of romantic, sexy, and angst that made me swoon. The side characters also had a way of burrowing into your heart.

All in all, it’s a very excellent addition to western historical romance titles! And I’m very much looking forward to reading all of this author’s work!

The second book of Love in the Sierras is now live and available on Amazon–Desert Sunrise, featuring Morgan’s brother, Val.

About this author

I’m a Las Vegas native who enjoys the travels and turbulence of a good story. I love history and I love having an intense love to cheer for and that is what I try to offer my readers: an adventure of heart and history.

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