Fair Game by R.C. Matthews

Title: Fair Game 
 R.C. Matthews
Wish Come True – #2
Contemporary Romance
Release date: May 15, 2014

22174849Leah Anderson has one dating rule… absolutely no men in the medical field!

She learned a long time ago from her biological father that men in the medical field care about one thing—themselves. Leah reluctantly agrees to spend one evening dirty dancing with her best friend’s brother, Jared, despite the fact that he is a medical student and real jerk to boot. Anything to help out her best friend!

Jared Billette has secretly crushed on Leah for years and acts like a real jerk to her to keep his attraction in check. Some things in life are simply taboo, and dating your sibling’s best friend is one of them. That is until his sister Jordan breaks all the rules by dating Jared’s best friend JT. Now pursuing Leah is suddenly fair game.

If only he can help Leah see that her own stupid rules are meant to be broken.

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Reviewer: Kat

Sequel to Date Night, all the while Jordan and JT were struggling with their newfound feelings for each other, so were Jared (Jordan’s brother) and Leah (Jordan’s best friend).

Leah’s father was a doctor and he never had the time to spare to spend it with her; clearly, his job is more important than family. Therefore, she swore to never date anyone who was in the medical field.

And that includes, Jared, her best friend’s older brother, who was a medical student. Jared had the hots for Leah for years, but because she was his sister’s best friend, he knew better to make a move. But now that Jordan and JT were officially a couple, he was determined to finally catch his woman and he would do anything to prove to her that not all guys in the medical field are not into ‘quality time’.

Jared and Leah’s story is told in the same theme of Jordan and JT’s–charming and romantic and sweet. Theirs is less complicated and I could have done more with additional conflicts. Jared and Leah’s chemistry was coming off the pages! Although there are no sex scenes (if you are looking for that, you’d be disappointed), but don’t let that stop you–this is as enjoyable as any other romance novel out there!

P.S., do not read this without reading Date Night!

About this author

I was born and raised by deaf parents in the Metro-Detroit area along with four siblings. Growing up in a house full of children, there was never a dull moment! We all inherited the reading gene from our father, who is a voracious reader. And the reading gene continues strong in my own two sons. I’m happily married (second time is a charm) to a patient and loving man who always cheers me on from the side-line to pursue my dreams. What more can a girl want?


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