Fireheart by Natalia Marx

Title: Fireheart 
Natalia Marx
Fire Maiden – #1
Fantasy Romance
Release date: July 9, 2015

25882020In a land of dying magic and vanished elves, two warriors are brought together by fate and discover a passion that may just unleash a magic long buried.

Lelia​na is the famed commander of Syldor’s army. The Fire Maidens, her elite guard, are feared across the Realm. But power and leadership are lonely. Leliana has given up on love and embraced a life of war and pleasure.

Daryn Raine needs an army. A Dark Dragon, believed extinct, has destroyed his city and forced his people to flee. When the Jutland general seeks refuge in Syldor, he doesn’t expect to be so attracted to their commander. And he never expects to fall in love.

Leliana and Daryn set off on a quest to slay the Dark Dragon, but along the way they forge a bond that defies logic. When the boundaries of these passionate warriors are tested, can Leliana give their relationship a chance? And can Daryn accept the woman for who she is?

In the first book of the Fire Maiden duology, Leliana and Daryn prepare for war against the Dark Dragon, face unseen foes, and wage internal battles as their relationship turns from passion to something deeper—something magical.

An action-packed fantasy adventure novel filled with warriors, sword fights, heat, and a cliff hanger — but don’t worry, the sequel is immediately available!

*Includes a world map and original recipe from the novel.Button - Amazon

Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Empty
Reviewer: Veronica

This book isn’t quite what I expected and that’s not a bad thing at all. I read a lot of PNR and UF, but I used to read mainly fantasy – D&D fantasy to be precise. And that’s what this reminded me of, only with a lot more romance. 😉

Leliana commands her own army, having earned the position through sweat and skill. No one could claim her as a weak woman and therein laid a problem. Men were intimidated by her and some felt emasculated.

Daryn, however, enjoys that side of Leliana, in fact he adores it. As a commander himself in another army, he appreciates the strength of mind and body that her position requires.

I loved the look into this world, and a few times I found myself giggling, such as when a ban was placed on trading with the elves because they had the nerve to disappear from their world. The absurdity of it tickled me. I enjoyed the complex characters with believable flaws, and one of them I just wanted to hug. I won’t say why since it’s a spoiler, but it made me appreciate the precarious position Zephra found herself in.

Overall this was a fun read and I’ll soon be diving into the next one to find out what happens with the Dark Dragon.

About this author

I am a multicultural author currently living in Los Angeles with my loving husband and pride of cats. I was raised to appreciate the arts and politics from a young age and was often sent abroad to live with family in different countries. My experiences led me to pursue a career in the arts that includes drama, writing, and painting.

I believe that art is an elevation of the human spirit, rather than a reflection of it. While exploring the deepest caverns of humanity from power to morality to sexuality, I create works that aim to draw you in and then take you to a higher place. Otherwise, if art is just a faithful recreation of the world around us, we can just read the newspaper instead, right?

Of course, I try to do it with a wink and a smile–and sometimes a deep blush.


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