Rivals ON AIR by Scarlett Finn

Title: Rivals ON AIR
Scarlett Finn
Contemporary Romance
Release date: May 2, 2014

22456052Rivals on reality radio… one award nomination reception… one picture.

Hunter and Annie hadn’t met, not until they were thrown together by their bosses to justify that kiss. One kiss, one picture, and their worlds collide.

Their audiences clamour for more. The press are speculating, and truthfully… they can’t stand each other. But now they’re in each other’s lives, because how can they walk away from that picture with their credibility?

Each spend show after show goading and teasing the other, so their bosses come up with the solution – fall in love… though not really, of course.

Nevertheless, the competition is heating up and the numbers are too close to call. Hunter’s boss Theo won’t have it. They need edge. They have to win this, because both stations are running the same format. Whoever wins the award takes it all… the loser will have to cancel.

Annie’s getting under Hunter’s skin. Theo questions his professionalism, and demands that he proves his mettle. Ethical, schmethical – get into the girl’s underwear, make her believe it’s real, and she’ll be begging them to win the award.

The fragile trust between the pair burgeons, yet their careers drive their lives, and this was always just a gimmick… wasn’t it?

Then Annie makes the move and invites Hunter into her bed… what’s a man to do?

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Reviewer: Kat

Hunter and Annie are THE rivals of reality radio. Though they talk about each other (bashing each other, really) during their respective shows, they haven’t met until the nomination night for an award where they both had one too many drinks and the press caught hold of them in a rather compromising position.

They were summoned by their bosses and these four heads came together to keep the public buzzing. Hunter and Annie find themselves in another compromising position and the bosses came up with one solution: fall in love. Or at least, make the public believe it.

It’s just a gimmick.

At least… in the beginning it is.

I love the plot! I love the characters – side characters included! Hunter and Annie are opposites but they have good chemistry together – instead of clashing, they compliment each other. I love the author’s writing style! I love the articles at the beginning of every chapter regarding the development of Hunter and Annie’s lovelife – according to the public anyway. The angst level is just right, making up for the overall quirkiness of the entire book.

Lots of things going on but nothing to the point of chaotic. Lively. I think that’s the right word. An unconventional and refreshing romantic comedy. A MUST READ!

About this author

Having known from a young age that writing was her passion Scarlett has spent large portions of her life dreaming up men, and women, and putting them together to see what they get up to.

“The characters write the story. I just get it down on paper for them.”

Finding her solace in books, reading and writing have been her eternal companion through all the highs and lows in her life.

Now is time to let the characters flourish and to live forever as she shares them with you.

Good luck on your adventures.


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3 thoughts on “Rivals ON AIR by Scarlett Finn

  1. Red Iza says:

    I’m reading her Explicit series and loving it, this one looks very different but a lot of fun ! I have it waiting on my Kindle. Great review 🙂


  2. Red Iza says:

    I loved the first even if I wasn’t comfortable with it at the beginning, but I got hooked. I’ve read the second (and lost the review I wrote about it, but remember I loved it too) and I have the 3rd waiting patiently on my kindle for some entertaining reading time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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