White Lilies by Samantha Christy

Title: White Lilies
Samantha Christy
The Mitchell Sisters – #2
Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 25, 2015

26174077Fate . . . Faith . . . Family

Skylar Mitchell didn’t believe in any of them. She never wanted a real boyfriend. She never wanted her own kid.  When she watched her sister get destroyed by the man she loved, she vowed it wouldn’t happen to her.

Don’t fall in love. Don’t become attached. Don’t let yourself feel. Easy, right?

Griffin and Erin Pearce had the perfect life. With the perfect house. And the perfect jobs.  What they didn’t have was the perfect baby.

Skylar never counted on meeting Erin.  She never imagined finding this wonderful best friend who would change the way she looked at the world.  And she certainly never dreamed of falling in love with her best friend’s husband. Especially while being their surrogate. She also never counted on fate ripping everything away from her.

A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.

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Reviewer: Kat

Copy was gifted by Samantha Christy because she is just nice like that. 🙂

You know it’s an amazing book when you can feel literally feel your heart clench and your stomach drop as you read what happens next, when you lose hold of reality and just get lost in the story, when you start to think that the characters were real people.

Samantha Christy wrote a raw and yet a very beautiful story about love, family and friendship. It isn’t like anything I’ve read before.


Skylar Mitchell is not the kind of heroine you will like at first. In the beginning, she’s a lost soul; getting lost in alcohol and men. I was pretty skeptical about her. Throughout the book, you will witness her mature and learn to love herself and others. Waking up from a one night stand with a married man (with a kid) opened her eyes to reality. She knew that she needed to change.

What more better way than to offer her body… as a surrogate? That way, when she’s pregnant, there’s no way she would be tempted to drink and have sex with strangers.

For Erin Pearce, Skylar is heaven sent. Both Fate and the agencies could not give them the child she had always wanted because of her past medical issues, as well as a longstanding family history of different medical issues. Her husband, Griffin, did not really want to have children, but he would do anything to make her happy.

Skylar and Erin became best friends almost instantly, but she was strung with guilt because of her attraction to Erin’s husband, Griffin, even though she knew she would never act on it… But when lightning strikes their happy family bubble, both Griffin and Skylar find their worlds rocked in a most devastating way.

This book made me smile, giggle and most definitely cry. It’s obvious that this author poured her heart out into this book. It’s well written with a steady paced plot with a cast of endearing characters.

Fun fact: I read this in one sitting. Yes, you read that right. I read this 354 page book in one sitting. I couldn’t tear myself away. 12 midnight came and went but I didn’t care, I didn’t care that I had to wake up 5. I was THAT involved in the story. I can’t stop now. I can’t stop. These characters burrowed their way into my heart and I have to know what happens next.

Thank you for weaving such a wonderful story, Samantha Christy, and for sharing it with me and the world. This book will definitely stay in my mind for a long time. I’ll never look at white lilies the same way ever again.

Highly recommended (with a box of tissues within reach)! 😉

About this author

Despite the fact that she is a romance writer, Samantha Christy’s favorite television show of all time, like ever, is The Walking Dead. And contrary to the fact that her heroines drink things like wine and Cosmos, she prefers Bud Light. She also loves fan mail and until she gets really really famous, she will answer it all. Yeah, yeah, she went to college and all that, getting a degree in something she never uses. She’s also got a gaggle of kids (4) and a pretty decent husband.


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