Rebound by Marie Johnston

Title: Rebound
Marie Johnston

Contemporary Romance
Release date: June 25, 2015

25801476Navy Lieutenant Kane Swenson wasn’t heading into Fleet Week looking for a hookup, definitely not lasting love. This Fleet Week he was tasked with fulfilling best man obligations for his brother, but their dinner out led him to a beautiful, fuming Olivia Penguilly. He makes it his mission during Fleet Week to convince the sharp beauty that he’s worth more than a few days, he’s worth a lifetime.

Olivia was done with men, especially ones who constantly put their career before their relationships. When Kane hits on her, right after she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend, she’s willing to indulge herself in a little flirtation with a handsome Sailor. Then she finds out he’s not only career military, but lives in another state and is being deployed for several months. Olivia quickly realizes a quick fling with Kane is not enough, but how can she commit to a man she just met, who is contractually obligated to put his career before his personal life?

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Reviewer: Rachel

Kane is a Naval lieutenant at Fleet Week, and Olivia is an always-does-the-right-thing kinda gal coming off a dead end relationship.

I don’t read the contemporary romance genre too much, as I gravitate toward stories that rely more on external conflict than internal. But this short of 50 or so pages was a good fit for my preferences. It gives you the story of their relationship from the time they meet to their HEA in a nice compact package. Some aspects were somewhat glossed over, but even so this is a well written tale of two people who seem meant to be.

A great mix of sweet and sexy, this novelette really worked for me. Ms. Johnston just may get me hooked on military romances yet…

About this author

Marie Johnston grew up in the upper Midwest and planned to go to college for English. Didn’t happen. She started college in accounting and was awful! Grabbing her inner science geek by the pocket protector, she changed to microbiology and medical technology where her only writing involved scientific articles and procedures.

Eventually, she left full-time work for full-time baby raising but kept thinking, “one day, I’d like to write a book.” Finally, before any more time passed, Marie decided to buckle down and write. She loves it! Her favorites genres to tell stories in are paranormal and contemporary romance.


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