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Kat here. Today, I’m super excited about our Featured Author today because she is definitely one of my favorite indie authors, and I’m pretty sure along with a bunch of others. Pippa DaCosta is the author of the popular fast paced, action-packed, urban fantasy series The Veil, an urban fantasy novel City of Fae, and she has also ventured into the world of Sci Fi with a dark/gritty series called Girl from Above/The 1000 Revolution.

Read more for an EXCLUSIVE SNIPPET of an upcoming urban fantasy series from Pippa DaCosta! 😀

When and why did you begin writing?
I don’t know if it was my first story, but I remember writing a short story about a spider living at the bottom of a little girl’s garden. I must have been, maybe, twelve at the time? Perhaps younger. I don’t expect it was very deep. However, I vividly recall showing it to my mother who declared I couldn’t possible have written it. Now, that’s like a red rag to a bull. That moment crystalized in my mind. That’s when it all began.

What inspired you to write your first book?
That depends. My first book or my first published book? I wrote my first book at school, in pencil, on an A4 lined pad (several of them, in fact). And then drew my own cover. And to be honest, I can’t remember what inspired that those.

With Beyond The Veil, my first published book, I’d had these characters rattling around in my head for years. But it was only when I started thinking about fire and ice, and the actual tension in the first scene, that things really started happening. The ideas wouldn’t stop flowing. I simply had to sit down and write the darn thing (I ended up writing that opening chapter twice because my laptop died and gobbled the first version). Once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. The rest, as they say, is history.

What books have influenced your life the most?
I can’t identify one book, not really. I used to read—a lot. I devoured the Point Horror books in my teens, and then moved on to Stephen King. Very early on, when I knew I just had to write to stay sane, I purchased Stephen King’s book On Writing, and was shocked by how much of his advice I was already putting into practice. I read anything I could get my hands on; sci-fi, horror, my Nan’s Mills & Boon romances, thrillers. It all goes in, and it all influences my writing in many different ways.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Stephen King. I look at what he’s achieved and how he’s stayed sane (mostly) throughout it all. In college, my English Lit tutors would frown on his work, but you know what? He’s entertaining people. He gives his readers what they want time and time again. I have massive respect for that. I’d rather entertain my readers above critical acclaim.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I have several books on the go at the moment, but as a real treat I can share with you a draft scene from my shiny new urban fantasy series, due to be released April 2016. It’s set in the same world as my best selling Veil Series, but this time we’re in a demon-torn LA.

“You don’t have to kill him, Gem.” Del whispered in a tone meant to placate. He leaned half out of the doorway, watching our six for any sign we’d been spotted. It also meant he didn’t see the glare I cast his way.

“And fail?” I hissed.

“It’s not failing if you’re saving a life.”

I growled low enough that he’d know I was grumbling more at myself than him.

I didn’t know the man on his knees, sobbing around the rag shoved into his mouth, and neither did my brother, so I had no idea why Del had decided now was the time to question Allard’s orders. The mark’s face matched that on Allard’s cellphone. That’s all I cared for. The repercussions of failure didn’t bare thinking about. Del knew that.

“What about my life?” I quietly asked, half hoping my brother didn’t hear, but he always heard everything. The curse of growing up in one tiny room, with only the noises behind the locked doors for company.

“Allard wouldn’t risk hurting us.”

I took my eye off the mark to frown over my shoulder at my dumbass brother. Even Del shrugged, like he couldn’t be held accountable for his own words. ‘He’—Allard—knew where to hurt the both of us, and he’d do exactly that unless I put a bullet in this man’s head.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26807726-chaos-rises
© Pippa DaCosta 2015

Tell us your latest news.
I’m thrilled to again be working with the wonderful team at Bloomsbury Publishing on the City of Fae sequel, due to be released in May 2016. I love Bloomsbury to bits (I tried not to do a fangirl squee when I visited their offices and saw all the glorious Harry Potter books on display in their rather wonderful London head office). And of course, I’m so excited to be back with Reign and Alina, the two main characters from the series. As with the first book, Alina has some secrets of her own. She also has revenge on her mind, while Reign is proving as infuriating and selfish as always! Watch for it next year 😉


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