Heartbreaker’s Bet by Donna Cummings

Title: Heartbreaker’s Bet
Donna Cummings

Contemporary Romance
Release date: December 8, 2015

28153132I need someone to help me become a heartbreaker. And I’ve picked you.

Bettina Knox’s dating life was a disaster. What she needed was some expert instruction on becoming the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. Luckily she found the perfect man for the job – a professional-grade flirter, adored by every woman he encountered. It was all fun and games, until she started falling for her way-too-sexy teacher.

So you want me to give you all my secrets for breaking hearts. Even though I’m not convinced I’ve ever broken any.

Troy Callahan thought he’d heard it all in his years of owning a popular sports pub. Then this sweet, sassy woman waltzed up insisting he was going to teach her how to break hearts. He’d been a wingman forever, so why not help her unleash her inner bad girl? There was just one problem: turning Bet into a heartbreaking assassin had somehow put his own heart at risk.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Arys

Heartbreaker’s Bet by Donna Cummings is a short story that focuses on Troy Callahan, the best friend and wingman of Matt Kearns from Cummings’ previous book, Back on Track.

Co-Owner of Calhoun’s with Matt, Troy’s feeling a little bit adrift with his best friend in a committed relationship and maybe a little bit envious. After Matt is unable to hang out, Troy settles in at the bar of Calhoun’s for a drink and a game, but an unexpected proposition from the lovely Bettina Knox throws him for a loop.

Bettina is tired of dates not going past the first date once they find out she is a kindergarten teacher, as if she wants a bus load of kids for herself. Instead she wants to be the one to leave men at the end of the date, be a heartbreaker. So she asks Troy to teach her how to be a heartbreaker which he surprisingly agrees to.

What follows is a humorous and romantic story between Troy and Bet, as Troy names her, that was absolutely cute and enjoyable. I couldn’t help but smile at Bet’s attempts at flirting. Throw in a bartending competition to add a little tension and Heartbreaker’s Bet makes for delightful read. The pacing of the story moved well and the characters had great chemistry from the start. I also enjoyed Troy’s relationship with Matt and easy banter with Allie.

I happily recommend reading Heartbreaker’s Bet.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorously-ever-after romances.

I reside in New England, although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, wearing flip flops year-round, or in Regency London, scandalizing the ton.

I can usually be found on Twitter, talking about writing and coffee, and on Facebook, talking about coffee and writing.

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