Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick

Title: Solid Stone: Revolving Door
E.G. Patrick

Release date: October 15, 2015

27557132Violet Cole, a recent university graduate, is rushing to her first important business meeting when she comes face-to-face with a man she finds captivating and intimidating. His penetrating gaze makes her heart pound and her legs tremble. Violet learns that the wealthy and alluring Adam Stone is renowned for his success in the high-powered corporate world. He now consumes all of Violet’s thoughts.

A self-admitted control freak, Adam becomes intrigued by Violet’s untapped beauty and fierce honesty. He is determined to possess all of her.

They embark on a passionate odyssey that is exhilarating and tantalizing. As their relationship intensifies, Adam and Violet must confront serious contradictions between them. How far is Violet willing to go to keep their relationship alive? Long-kept secrets are exposed leading to a surprising and explosive climax.

“The Solid Stone series is highly arousing and totally engrossing. You will remember it forever and fantasize about it often.”

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Reviewer: Arys

Solid Stone: Revolving Door by EG Patrick is her first book in her new series about Violet Cole, an innocent paralegal, and Adam Stone, a controlling and successful lawyer who bump into each other by chance going through a revolving door to a building. A spark ignites between them and after further encounters, they soon find themselves drawn into a relationship where they begin to explore their hidden desires together.

Violet is an intriguing heroine. For years, she’s been fantasizing about being submissive to an ancient prince and even has named her fantasy-self Gia. As a couple, Violet and Adam have great chemistry and they definitely go on an emotional roller coaster together which as a reader I enjoyed even when I wanted to shake the main characters in frustration.

Overall, this novel is well-written and filled with sexual scenes that both heat the pages, as well as, further the story in regards to the connection between Violet and Adam. I recommend this book and look forward to the next book.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

Hello! Born in England, I now live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Living my life with passion and without barriers is my mantra! I hope my books will entertain, stimulate and evoke emotion. I love creating steamy sex scenes and take pleasure in rereading them! My characters mean a lot to me so I take great care in giving them a life with real personality, quirks, emotions, struggles and desires as their lives grow within my books.


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