Twin Flames by Cassandra L. Shaw

Title: Twin Flames
Cassandra L. Shaw
Katoom – #1
Sci Fi Romance
Release date: July 25, 2015

25953986She’s in grave danger, but she doesn’t want his protection…

After a long and bitter world-war for pure human supremacy, humans and two sub-species the Eli and Crea reside on Earth in an uneasy harmony. One morning on a jog, Bliss Jacobs finds a murdered fellow Eli. She scents the killer on the body, but other evidence is washed away by a savage storm, leaving Bliss as the sole witness and the target of an assassin—and forcing her back into the world of the man who shattered her heart.

He believes she is his destined mate, but he knows there are no second chances…

Kaid Sinclair is chasing more than his best friend’s murderer. He wants Bliss in his bed and in his life, but after their relationship went south several years ago, he knows he has to tread carefully. So how can he keep her safe, while still proving to her that they are destined to be mates, and he doesn’t just want to control her? All he wants is for her to be safe—but with a killer who sees her as Kaid bait, Kaid may have to choose… his life or hers?

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Half-FullStar-Empty
Reviewer: Rachel

Twin Flames is a unique romance read. Ms. Shaw has created an unquestionably Sci-Fi world, but within it are the shifter/were-type pack dynamics that would be familiar to any PNR fan. While my actual rating is three and a half stars, this review has been rounded up to four stars on Goodreads and Amazon since neither offers half-star options.

Our heroine, Bliss, is an Eli. She possesses preternatural strength, the ability to shift to the form of her Eli beast, and liquid silver runs through her veins–displaying every heightened emotion despite her best efforts to conceal them. Along with the Crea, Eli are one of the two sub-species living uneasily among humans on an alternate history future earth. Subs typically live with others of their kind on Clan land, but many years ago Bliss chose to leave the Clan and live on her own. Away from Clan rules and the dominant leader of the Eli whom she loved and left as a young adult.

Kaid is our hero and the uber-alpha leader of the Eli. Bliss wants to distance herself from her former love instead of working with him to solve a murder, and I can understand why. Kaid is a self-proclaimed womanizer and is unnecessarily crass to Bliss. Though he provides an explanation for his actions later on, it wasn’t enough to move me to Team Kaid. Throughout the book, even after he and Bliss are together, he comes off as somewhat misogynistic. Early on he describes Bliss as having “a body belonging in porn magazines” and toward the end he refers to a woman who came on to him with a low-cut blouse as a “whore”. Admittedly, I don’t go for the most alpha-y of heroes anyway, and this is just my personal opinion.

The copy I received for review was an ARC, so hopefully the copy editing errors I noticed will be corrected for future editions. I gave this around a four star rating because despite my negative opinion of the hero, it was a well-woven story and I’ve never read a Science Fiction Romance which managed to blend the pack elements of Paranormal Romance to create something brand new.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

Shaw writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, & Contemporary Romance. She lives in a small farm on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with her family and a mix bag of much loved animals. Her eclectic past includes fashion design, environmental science and years of drudgery as an office worker where she dreamed of NOT being an office worker.  She discovered writing a few years ago and has decided that with its mix of art, writing craft, and study she’s at last found the ultimate career.

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