Begin Again by R.C. Matthews

Title: Begin Again
R.C. Matthews
Wish Come True – #3
Contemporary Romance
Release date: August 4, 2014

22876801When Tyler Johnson spends the evening at a bar celebrating her cousin’s pseudo bachelorette party, she boldly takes on Jordan’s bet. A note on a napkin, placed provocatively in their waiter’s back pocket, and two minutes later he’s calling Tyler’s cell phone…asking her for a date. Bet won! It was all in good fun. So when things start to heat up on their first date, she suddenly has cold feet. He works at a strip club and picks up babes on a regular basis. No thanks.

That is until college resumes in the fall and Mr. Hottie shares her English class and turns out to be everything she has ever wanted in a boyfriend…but can’t have now…because she judged the book by its cover. Unless she can convince Chase Bronson to begin again.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Empty
Reviewer: Kat

Steam, romance and angst. Sounds like any typical New Adult Romance, right? Perhaps, perhaps not. I can’t believe R.C. Matthews played with my emotions back and forwards in a matter of 100 or so pages. I ended up loving Tyler and Chase as much as I loved JT and Jordan (and those two I reaaaaally adored)! This was a really fast read so if I told more about the book I might reveal the plot. I’m just really that excited about the story. 😉

This is the last installment of Wish Come True series. If you haven’t checked out this series yet, I highly recommend that you do so RIGHT NOW. As a non-fan of New Adult, I really enjoyed this series! That’s saying a lot for me. R.C. Matthews is one of the very few authors that made New Adult work for me. 🙂

About this author

I was born and raised by deaf parents in the Metro-Detroit area along with four siblings. Growing up in a house full of children, there was never a dull moment! We all inherited the reading gene from our father, who is a voracious reader. And the reading gene continues strong in my own two sons. I’m happily married (second time is a charm) to a patient and loving man who always cheers me on from the side-line to pursue my dreams. What more can a girl want?

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