Sixpence & Whiskey by Heather R. Blair

Title: Sixpence & Whiskey
Author: Heather R. Blair
Toil & Trouble – #1
Urban Fantasy
Release date: April 5, 2016

29231530By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

It’s not easy being a witch. Especially when you’re the youngest and least talented of four sisters. But Persephone Gosse manages the same way she manages her Duluth bar, Toil & Trouble.

With hard work, a smart mouth—and a lot of whiskey.

Seph likes her quiet life…as quiet as it can be when the king of the bears wants her as his queen, a werewolf (or three) wants her dead, and her cold-as-ice ex, Jack Frost, wants…

Well, she hasn’t quite figured that out yet.

But with a bounty on her head and time running out on a half-forgotten prophecy, Seph better get a clue before this witch’s brew blows up in her face.

This book is the first of a 3-book serial.

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Rating: Star-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-FullStar-Full
Reviewer: Kat

Sixpence & Whiskey is something new from Heather R. Blair. By something new, I mean really new, definitely a different dynamic than her previous titles.

Sixpence & Whiskey is the first of a series of three, centered on the life of Persephone “Seph” Gosse who sees herself as an ordinary witch and wants nothing more than to just live a quite life (as quiet as it can be in her world) running her bar in Duluth called Toil & Trouble, but everything and everyone around her is hellbent on making her life the opposite of ordinary where she cross paths with all different FTCs around her with malign intent–in other words, kill her, or in the king of the bears’ case, marry her. Her world is rocked even further when her ex-lover, Jack Frost, shows up with intentions that is unknown to her…

First of all, I loved this book which is not at all surprising. I’m hooked on this author and her books like a druggie hooked on heroin or something! I made the mistake of reading this book before I went sleep which resulted in me not actually sleeping and just kept reading until I reached the last page. So that should tell you something.

This author has a way of keeping a reader hooked, especially if you’re an Urban Fantasy fan. As I understand it, this was her first Urban Fantasy (she usually writes PNR) but wow, she did a great job on it, it was off-the-charts-amazeballs!

This was an exciting story all throughout but not to the point that you’ll feel burned out in the middle of it all. Seph is a quirky and fun witch that you can’t help but love, and each character you meet in this book is well-developed and more than a little interesting (which is an understatement, I can’t get enough of them).

I HIGHLY recommend this to all fans of this author, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one! But if you haven’t read any of her stuff and happened to be a fan of Urban Fantasy, I think you should read this–you have to!

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

** There is currently a special pre-order sale for this book of $0.99 on Amazon! 

About this author

Heather R. Blair wrote her first book in the first grade and hasn’t stopped since. Back then it all about horses, now it’s pretty much the dark, sexy and shivery.

She lives in the frozen north of Minnesota, near that big gorgeous lake called Superior and enjoys hiking when the snow melts. She also does murals, rides herd on four monsters (otherwise known as children, ages 7-17), is slightly obsessed with Martin Freeman, British television and things that go bump in the night.

She loves reading (duh!) and interacting with other bibliophiles and authors.

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