SPRING SALE! The Veil, #1 to #3 by Pippa DaCosta


Title: Beyond The Veil, #1 / Devil May Care, #2 / Darkest Before Dawn, #3
Author: Pippa DaCosta
Series: The Veil – #1 to #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy

boxset3-webAll Muse wants is the freedom to live a normal life, but being half demon is not something she can run from. When her attempt at a normal life goes up in smoke, she must come to terms with her half-blood nature and face her demons.

Demons live among us. They have done since man walked upright. They look like us, talk like us, but it’s an illusion. Their numbers are increasing. No longer content living in the netherworld beyond the veil, where the Princes of Hell battle for supremacy, the demons covet our freedom.

A storm is coming. Are we ready for hell on earth?

Discover the epic urban fantasy series readers describe as epic, action-packed, and mind-blowing! 

Includes full length novels:
Beyond The Veil, #1
Devil May Care, #2
Darkest Before Dawn, #3

“A spectacular series.”

“One of the best urban fantasies out there!”

“Reminiscent of Jessica Jones.”

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