The Reviewers

Kat started reading romance novels at the ripe age of 10, actually stealing from her aunt’s Mills & Boon and Silhouette Romance stash. Though she mostly enjoys titles under romance, she is also known to regularly dip her toes into horror, fantasy, literary fiction, and erotica. Her favorite romance subgenre is historical romance. She seems to have a weakness for reformed rakes and brawny highlanders.

Rachel thinks cemeteries can be beautiful and Halloween is by far her favorite holiday. Her favorite genre in fiction is romance—specifically PNR. She also enjoys time travel, historical, suspense, UF, and the occasional contemporary or M/M read. She loves stories where the paranormal hides just out of sight from most people, because discovering what’s really out there at the same time the characters do is the best part.

A self-professed computer geek, Veronica loves fixing computers, watching sci-fi and comedy shows and occasionally gaming. Reading is more than a passion, it’s almost an obsession. PNR, UF and fantasy are the mainstay with occasional forays into horror and mystery.

Arys has a fondness for erotic romance and she usually likes them on the kinky side. She has a weakness for Alpha males and Byronic heroes—think Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre—and she likes Rubenesque heroines. As long as there is either a happily ever after or happily for now, she is willing to give any romance novel a try. Beauty and the Beast type of stories are her guilty pleasure.

Reanna can be considered somewhat eccentric to people that meet her, it’s not every day you meet a paranormal investigator! While her passion lies with investigating the paranormal, her favorite genres extend past that.  She reads a lot of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy, but more recently has begun delving into Historical Romances–especially those set in Scotland.  She’s also very interested in reading more erotica, but hasn’t delved into that as deeply as other romantic genres.   She’s not very squeamish at all, and is interested in reading anything within that whether it be BDSM, same sex, or anything in between.


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