Breakout by Trish Arcangelo

Title: Breakout
Trish Archangelo

Post Apocalyptic/Sci Fi Romance
Release date: November 18, 2015


A global pandemic has killed most of the world’s population. Alone, Monarch Winslow struggles to survive. An empty house, gas station food and the hope of reaching a refugee camp in Austin, Texas keep her alive. Then one night an injured man breaks into her house. A dangerously sexy man.

Monarch is wary but intrigued. Corbin claims he’s a mechanic and she can’t reach the camp without a working car. She needs his help. But he needs hers, too. As the days pass, they work together and a tenuous relationship turns to turbulent desire. But Corbin refuses to discuss his past and his secrets lie between them. Falling for a man she knows nothing about could endanger her life, as well as her heart.

Meantime, a hundred miles away, is safety, perhaps even surviving family. She hopes. But Monarch is no more sure of that than she is of Corbin…​

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Reviewer: Rachel

This post-apocalyptic romance is the first novella I’ve read of Ms. Arcangelo’s, and I was very impressed.

Our heroine, Monarch, has survived for months out on her own after a pandemic sweeps the earth, causing mass casualties and global chaos. When we meet her she’s eking out a living in an abandoned mobile home, stocking up on supplies and trying to get to a refugee camp where there may be family members to reunite with. That in itself is super admirable. I’d be lying if I said Breakout didn’t make me reflect on how poorly I’d fare in the event of an apocalypse…

The manner in which our main characters meet adds mystery to Corbin’s character and serves as the beginning of a continuing theme to their relationship: trust. I was as curious about his past as Monarch was, and I enjoyed their progression from wary strangers to passionate lovers.

The beginning and the last 20% of the book were my favorite parts; not that the middle wasn’t solid, I just prefer more life-threatening danger kind of plot points as opposed to couples drama. But, that’s clearly just a personal preference. (I’m fully aware I have a tendency to be hard on main characters in this regard.) Speaking more neutrally there really is a good balance between internal and external conflict in this story.

This is an engrossing and sexy read, and you absolutely want Monarch and Corbin to beat the odds despite their situation seeming so bleak on the surface. It also makes you stop to think about what’s really important in life–something I know I don’t pause to do as much as I should.

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About this author

Trish read her first romance novel as a teenager (it was Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey) and was immediately hooked. She’s been an avid reader of all genres of romance ever since. It has been a long time dream to try her hand at writing it as well and one day she decided to try to turn that dream into reality. She’s been having fun ever since! Her first release, DARKNESS EMBRACED, was released in February of 2015 and her next release, BREAKOUT, is due out later this year.

Trish lives outside of Austin, Texas with her incredibly supportive husband and two incredibly spoiled dogs. Besides writing & reading romance, some of her other loves include warm weather, trivia, red wine, dogs, and Halloween.

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